Metiphistos is a city devoted to the Archfiend Mephistopheles, who rescued the city from an army of mixed local tribes in return for a terrible sacrifice. No one living knows the particulars of that sacrifice, or even the true history of the city before the sacrifice, but currently a portal to the 8th layer of Hell lays at the heart of the city. It looks like a waterfall of blood pouring out of the mouth of a fountain of the last king of the city, and through it endless hordes of Devils enter and leave the city. Thus the city is filled with Devils, who act as “protectors” of the city, instilling both Law and Evil into the actions of the people. The only catch is that the Devils cannot travel more than 5 miles outside of the walls of the city and cannot stay in the city more than 3 days at a time. As such the Devils are unable to launch invasions of other nations from the city, and leave the long term management of the city to human cultists who worship Mephistopheles. However without the need to guard the walls from intrusion the army of the city is much larger then normal, and so has been establishing human held strongholds in the countryside, slowly expanding over the lands around them.